The World of Esryn is said to have been created by beings called the Zyrin.

In Ancient Times there were multiple Gods, now known as the Ancient Gods.

However new Gods were found and some of them were not as peaceful as the Ancient ones.

One of these New Gods, by now considered an Ancient one gained so much power she almost wiped out the world.


While the Ancient gods succeeded in banishing her, her defilement made the area around her seal corrupted

leading the Kingdom of Rondo to close off the gateway to it and restrict access to it.



Esryn consists of 5 Continents and two small Islands

In the far north west lies Eleu Island with it's small City named Loyce.

Just East is the Continent of Tirlya housing Mistral, Idun, Estia and Ethyn as well as the independant City of Ariamis and the Glazis Mountain Range.

South of Tirlya lies Tyasla with Sylvarant and Sylvaris.

In the Northern Center of the Map is Rhapsody with it's Cities Aria, Symphonia and Rykari.

South of Rhapsody is Mobius housing Aruna and Althea and just west of Mobius lies Myra Island and it's City Etrian

The Last continent in the Eastern part of the World is named Nesis and houses Defyn as well as the Imperial Capital of Rondo and the Defiled Lands known to most only as the Forbidden Land.